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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I Need a CPA?

Answer:   It depends.  It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Since CPA's must have  knowledge of all current tax laws many times Sub-S or Inc. corporations may feel more comfortable with a reputable CPA.  However, an experienced bookkeeper like KC Books can save you money and provide many of the same services that a CPA would offer.  KC Books also partners with a local CPA for complex tax advice if needed.
How Can my Business Succeed?


Have goals!  This includes marketing goals, financial goals, administrative goals and many others depending on your type of business.  Determine time lines for reaching those goals. If this is a new company, this is a major part of your business plan.  Review those goals on a timely basis.  Make necessary changes based on additional information you may have.

For example:  In a beauty salon, do you see an increase in sales after offering a 15% discount during a certain month.  Be sure to compare all information.  Was this increase in sales due to a the discount or do sales always increase during this time because of high school proms?  You can compare this year's sales with last year's sales.
How do I Make Better Business Decisions?

Answer:  Hal Gaymon of Integrity Business Advisors say, in an effort to assist a client, the client basically told him: "it was his company, therefore, he could do what he wanted".  Hal's interesting response was "of course you can - and you can get fines and even jail sentences for doing so".  Hal went on to explain to his client that there are laws we must go by, and if we aren't sure what they are, we can benefit from the expertise of professionals.


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